Bioxé stands for organic food and axé – the Brazilian word for good energy. We sell organically and sustainably produced, healthy foods from Brazil.


Our goal is to offer sustainable products that you can consume with a clear conscience. Cultivation with organic certification plays an important role herein. Our food is produced in harmony with nature. Our farmers respect the natural resources and stand behind the finished products.


In our opinion, food should comfort you and keep you and healthy. We therefore choose products that are rich in nutrients and have exceptional taste. It is important to us that our producers and employees can benefit from this idea aswell and live healthy.


Brazil has a rich treasure of fruits, nuts, coffee, teas and much more. Nevertheless, the organic cultivation there is a niche. We want to expand this niche and create sustainable value for the local community.

Our team

Jonas takes care of the German part of the project in Straubing.

Gabriel manages the Brazilian part of the project in Fortaleza.

Allane organizes our sustainable packaging.